Renovation Quiz Coming Your Way

TLC Renovation QuizIf you’ve been online recently, you may have noticed the rise in popularity of quizzes. Everything from finding out what your 1920’s name is, to finding out what Game of Thrones character you are. It doesn’t take much and after two minutes of entertainment the automated generator spits out a result that has virtually no impact on our day to day life.

So why do we do them when they hold no innate value? For most, the motivator is curiosity- will the results align with our preconceived ideas of what we think the score should be? It’s a fun and entertaining tease.

With this is mind, what if we told you that we were putting together a quiz that was just as fun and entertaining, but the end result will land you on a Renovation Guide that is tailor made to fit with your unique approach to renovations in your home. Sound good?

Rolling out next week, the TLC Renovation Guides will give you practical tools to help make your renovation project a success, no matter what approach you take. What type of project are you in for:

  1. A DIY Adventure
  2. A Contractor’s Dream or
  3. An Artisan’s Masterpiece?

At TLC, no matter what approach you take, we believe you can achieve results that fit. These guides are designed to lead you in that direction and will ensure your next renovation project is not only a success but has long-term value.

Sign up today and be the first to complete the TLC Renovation Quiz to get your hands on one of the Renovation Guides. Get ready for a fit!

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