When you decide to renovate your Niagara home, or build a new one, you are doing more than spending money on the project — it is a huge emotional and time investment. Knowing what to expect before your home renovation even begins will ensure you are completely prepared for the process, start to finish.

If you are like most people doing renovations in Niagara you want to minimize any snags or slowdowns.  Avoiding a do-it-yourself approach and selecting a Niagara contractor to complete the project will let you breathe easy knowing it is in the hands of a pro. Here are some important questions to ask to make sure you are hiring the best contractor in Niagara.

What do you think the timeline of this renovation will be?

Scheduling your home renovation is about more than setting a start and completion date. Ask for a schedule that outlines the tasks and timing so you have a better idea of the sequencing of events and the deadlines your contractor is aiming to hit along the way. This will allow you be able to monitor whether the project is on schedule or if they are falling behind.

If it is a small project, like a bathroom retrofit or basement project, you can likely get an idea of scheduling for the entire process. But if it’s a major home renovation most Niagara contractors will not be able to give you a timeline till they have completed the demolition step and have uncovered any unforeseen obstacles.

How will you protect my property?

This is something you will want to ask before demolition gets underway. If you already live in your home and aren’t moving out for the length of the renovation, you will want to know what your responsibilities are and which tasks are the responsibility of the contractor. Renovations are messy, but there are many dust-containment measures that can be taken — asking about it before anything gets started will make sure your construction zone doesn’t invade the other corners of your home.

You will likely want to remove any decor items —  pictures, mirrors, etc. — that could get in the way or be ruined during the renovation. It is much easier to move things out of the way once than to go back and move them over and over to keep them out of the way and undamaged.

How will you communicate throughout the renovation?

Everyone has a different preferred method of communication. You may prefer emails to phone calls to keep written record of the renovation process, just in case. You might not be one to regularly check your email, so texts and phone calls are more your style. Make sure you know how your contractor prefers to communicate and that he or she knows what you prefer so that you aren’t playing phone tag or missing emails, which can slow a renovation to a halt.

Communication may also mean scheduling weekly meeting ahead of time, as well as knowing how to reach your contractor in case of an emergency (or vice versa). Exchange all of your numbers and set meeting in advance so nothing falls through the cracks.

Does any part of my home renovation concern you?

No matter what the home renovation involves, there is always an element of the unknown — even when it seems like a simple project. You probably don’t know what worrisome factor is lying buried beneath your floorboards, but your contractor has seen it all. Ask if there is anything that they are worried about, or any issues that might arise throughout the renovation.

Talking about issues that might create a problem or slowdown the process, are best talked about upfront. This will allow you to run some worst-case-scenario numbers for both your budget and your timeline. That way, if something does happen, you can have some money set aside to invest in the solution, and waiting a few extra days isn’t so bad.

If you think working with a contractor to complete your home renovation or new build in Niagara is the way to go, you’ll need to know more than the right questions to ask. Download our free ebook below to learn the ins and outs of choosing and working with the right contractor for your job.