Thanks to all of you who read last week’s post.  The decision about the Prime Minister’s official residence has not been made yet.  Let us know how you feel about this issue!

Before we commit to a tearing down the 1868 mansion at 24 Sussex Drive we must remember that the nation just witnessed the highest voter turnout since 1993, including a spike in youth participation. TLC designer, Will Klassen, believes that

More than my generation, younger people have a greater appreciation for a designed product over mass produced, cookie cutter homes. In comparison to baby boomers that rebelled against their elders, Trudeau, and those that are younger, are interested in honouring tradition and incorporating the best of the past. They appreciate simplicity, quality and good design.

When mixed with a deeply held commitment to the environment, it makes this new generation of homeowners willing to renovate. They are prepared to spend a little money to avoid throwing away preexisting materials and they want to create energy efficient residences. Whether Trudeau ultimately chooses a retrofit or build new, we’re sure he will work towards an energy efficient building created with environmentally friendly materials.

In the coming days, The Landing Company will be following the 24 Sussex debate with much interest to see what our Prime Minister decides. It’s too bad Ottawa is so far away; I know a great Niagara-based designer that could help him make up his mind!

I would love to hear your comments.  

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