Designed for Passion

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The Landing Company has the best clients in the world! They are wonderful people with varied backgrounds and interests, with one thing in common! They bring their passions to life in the homes they create. TLC Designer Will Klassen is working on three very unique projects at the moment.

Outdoor Yoga Retreat

One of our clients is a lifelong yoga practitioner and clean living guru. She has been inspired by photographs of magnificent retreats in Asia as well as visits to ashrams around the world. She envisions a serene space in which to focus on her daily practice and host small yoga retreats. Will is excited to work with her to create a tranquil getaway overlooking Niagara’s rolling hills.

Recording Studio

This client purchased a property with a detached garage behind the house.  He has asked for Will to design a recording studio conversion, complete with vaulted open beam ceilings, sound deadening wall systems.  As an early riser, this space will provide that creative environment away from family chaos.


Another client is a video game fanatic. He has turned his passion into a youTube channel.  As part of a highly purpose built basement apartment project, a green room was included.  Will has maximized every inch of the small space to make it work for two televisions and up to 6 gamers.

Will’s passion is creating designs that fit and plans that work to bring passion to life, resulting in one-of-a-kind solutions.

What inspires you? What could you do if your dreams could be brought to life? Give us a call to see how working with a designer can make a difference.  

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