They make us look good! That’s right. If I don’t find builders that can capture the design I can’t succeed. I decided early on that I would not pursue a financial arrangement with builders. Instead, I would stick with builders that satisfied my clients. It’s that simple.

Builders show up early in the TLC Design Process. Phase 2: PLANNING  begins with the “3rd Party Review.” Long before the design process is complete the homeowner is looking for input on two fronts: Is there is a better way? and, What is the design going to cost? The builder is usually the best person to answer these questions, so they are brought in right after the Design Concept has been settled.

Because of how early they meet, my clients know their builder quite well when the time comes to sign a construction agreement. At the same time, the builder has been involved in the final steps of the design process and knows the project well.

It is a recipe for success. One of the biggest unknowns of a building project is “how will I find the right builder?” With TLC all of that goes away.

Our Partners

Two builders have been building TLC designed projects for years now: Jake Elstone of Queen Street Carpentry and Josh Giesbrecht of Ridgeline Homes. I don’t need to say much about them, except that they are fair, honest and reliable, they know how to build houses, build a team, run a business, and they know how to listen carefully.

Jake Elstone came into construction with a commitment to make Queen Street Carpentry one of the top renovation companies in Niagara. Jake has a fascination with older homes and he has developed a crew that takes great satisfaction in creating seamless connections between old and new. There is a character and quality found in homes of the past that doesn’t show up anymore. These same homes are also tired and worn out. Jake has years of experience walking the line between what needs to stay and what needs to go.

Josh Giesbrecht is surrounded by a family with a wonderful history in the building industry. Ridgeline has a highly competent team that gives them a lot of capacity and depth and the ability to take on large and small projects. Josh’s adds an impeccable record with new builds to his success with renovations.