TAKING FLIGHT…to the Landing

We like the metaphor implied by our name. Our process provides a “flight,” such that, once you arrive you will genuinely know you’ve landed. This flight has three “legs”, the three phases of a home alteration project. Each step is designed to seamlessly connect to the next. Your comfort and security throughout each flight is critical.


First things first: Many clients come to me saying they don’t have a clue what their questions, ideas and dreams will cost. Others come wondering if they will be permitted to make the changes they intend. Structural options are often on the list of questions. When you come to TLC, I want you to know that my goal will be that you feel confident about your direction from the start.

PHASE 1: Design

This is where what is going to happen comes to life. Developing a design is a highly interactive process, with your imagination on hyperdrive – your ideas come to life in fully immersive digital 3D. I start with two 3D models of your project: two styles, two layouts, two collections of features – both based on the scope you have given me.

From this beginning, we walk through a set of revisions together, all aimed at finding the fit – your Approved Design Concept Drawing Set. This drawing set captures and conveys the project you have settled on.

PHASE 2: Planning

I much prefer if my designs get built rather then collect dust on a shelf. To insure that, this phase leaves no stone unturned: a builder will take the drawing set and provide a technical and cost review of your project. This is our chance to do product sourcing and selecting, feature design – essentially, laying to rest the details. The final technical and compliance revisions will result in another drawing set: Working Drawings. These drawings lets you apply for your building permit. It also lets the builder settle on final pricing and your ready to build.

PHASE 3: Facilitation

This stage puts me in your corner during the build itself. I provide coaching through selections, advocacy for your interests with builders, trades and suppliers. I’m there to support you through the unexpected and through the make or break decisions. Remember this is not buying a toaster, or selecting your next car. This is a construction project.

The Landing Company facilitation makes you into an expert – gives you confidence – takes the unknown out of the picture.

A friend of mine recently qualified for a very exclusive writers symposium. They’re at the end of a 3-year writing process. The four-day event was designed to expose them to published authors, other writers, publishers, editors. Every day had time dedicated to writing. The key to the process for my friend was the personal one-on-one writing coach. That made the entire investment worth it.