Our Story

It is interesting to see where small beginnings can land.

My father loved building with his hands. The summer after I turned 13 he got my brother and I to build our first house – a mud hut (we were living in central Africa). I got my first job on a building crew in St. Catharines when I was 19 and by 29 (1985) had my own company designing and building new homes for the next decade. My greatest satisfaction came from designing. Starting with pencil and paper, I quickly moved to CAD software, bringing to life each clients dreams, creating homes that remain distinctive today. My view, very simply, was that every house should reflect the creativity and life of the owner. Today I qualify as a Master Carpenter, a Certified Energy Advisor with Natural Resources Canada and have Energy Star Certification.

Perhaps the most critical development of my perspective on building has come more recently, realizing how the construction industry has a life of its own, and clients have been reduced to consumers – buying a product and a service they know very little about. This shows up when building a new home, but becomes painful when a homeowner wants to make changes to their existing home. There is a knowledge gap, even an awareness gap. Inspite of HGTV and the world wide web, most people are highly vulnerable – they know too little about what is involved – and so are at the mercy of who ever they stumble upon. The construction industry is filled with wonderful professionals, individuals with integrity, knowledge and skills. But by its nature, building also has many pitfalls – note all the horror stories you have heard around home building projects – the “Money Pit”, the design disasters, and the projects that never end….

So The Landing Company was created to fill the gap – between clients who want to build additions, do renovations or build a new home, and a very complex and changing industry. The Landing Company provides a platform to collect and arrange the critical information you need to fulfill your goals – build your project.

Over the past two years, the TLC business model has been refined to meet the growing need – providing a road map through every consideration, from a lifestyle survey and design concept, to the final walkthrough.

In 2014, Suzanne joined the TLC team to insure quality service and communications to the growing demands. Suzanne is a public relations professional and a communications specialists. Suzanne’s strength lies in her ability to develop an idea into a deliverable and a conversation into a vision. As an adept communicator Suzanne has experience working with clients from various backgrounds from not-for-profits to small businesses. Her creativity and administrative skills allow her to develop effective communication tools that keep clients informed and projects moving forward.

And Suzanne is my daughter. Small beginnings……where will this land?

– Will Klassen, Principle & Designer

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