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Relationship: Client Project Date: October 2017 I truly recommend you watch Will’s video profile. It was our experience that his assessment as to what he provides is 100% accurate. We thought we knew what we wanted but when we factored in all the different variables and different scenarios, he was able to bring us to […]


Relationship: Client Project Date: August 2016 My wife, Victoria, and I highly recommend Will Klassen and the team at The Landing Company as an experienced and trusted partner in the design and project management of any renovation or new home construction project. Will’s design principles, attention to detail and industry expertise were invaluable as we […]

Michael Zwiep

Relationship: Client Project Date: November 2016 The Landing Company offered us a full suite of services from drawings, to close supervision of contractors, to finished construction. They were gracious enough to allow us to stop at the drawings phase. They met with us on multiple occasions, fully understood our nuanced renovation vision, and provided us […]

Chris Shearer

Relationship: Client Project Date: June 2016 We discovered “The Landing Company” by chance and are grateful for our find! Will’s naturally friendly and approachable manner made it easy to share our ideas and hopes regarding our renovation. He sought to understand our style preferences and then transformed these into design concepts that were creative and […]

BoLy Fi

Relationship: Client Project Date: August 2015 We have been very, very impressed with Will and the Landing Company. Will is very responsive and attentive to us and to our project. He understands the vision that we have for our renovation and has added an enormous amount of creativity in his design. He really has come […]


Relationship: Colleague Project Date: August 2016 Will from The Landing Company was able to put together a creative design and has been a pleasure to work with.

Ridgeline Homes

Relationship: Colleague Project Date: July 2015 Will and his team invited my building company to collaborate with the client on their unique “Farmhouse Refresh” renovation project. Will’s planning method and design experience was a huge part of the overall success of the project. The clients were able to easily weigh different options and make informed […]

Queen Street Carpentry

Relationship: Client Project Date: March 2017 We are excited to have The Landing Company involved in our building projectWe are to the point of beginning our build with a design The Landing Company has put together for us. We have full confidence in their work and are looking forward to working together with Will in […]

Kathryn Ferretti

Relationship: Client Project Date: March 2017 We hired The Landing Company to design and support us through a complete renovation of an old farmhouse. The project included gutting 100% of the house to the studs, rearranging the layout of the house, adding three dormers and an addition. There was no part of the home was […]

Aaron Jones

Relationship: Client Project Date: May 2012 I can only give the highest recommendation for the Landing Company. Will Klassen is one of the most creative people I have ever met. He also has the ability to discover what type of creativity (or style) his customer most enjoys. I never once felt “pushed” into a design […]

Miriam Ratzlaff