Do you love it when your house is full of people? As the holiday season approaches, think back to past events and try to remember where people ended up gathering. Does it seem like everyone always ends up in the kitchen?

Spread the food out in different areas to keep guests circulating. Careful planning and a little hard work before your guests arrive can be a good investment. If your menu includes things that are prepared in advance, you’ll have time to enjoy the food

Will you be entertaining young families? Having a second living space available is a great option. Tidy the basement up a little, gather a few toys or put on a holiday movie and the kids will be sure to enjoy themselves. Parents will appreciate the chance to finish a sentence without being interrupted!

If you are considering a renovation in 2016, don’t forget to think about how you’d like your home to work for entertaining. An open concept great room with a generous island might be a hit at next year’s holiday party!

TLC party tips

  • Light the fireplace (except if you have small children visiting)
  • Cue up the Christmas music
  • Supplement seating with stools or floor cushions
  • Create a fun zone for the kids with toys, games or movies
  • Set up a few food stations so guests can grab a nibble without leaving a good conversation

Enjoy the very best of the holiday season with all those you hold dear!