Does it make sense to renovate to sell? If you are considering selling your older home in the next 5-10 years, you probably have a few questions for a designer.

Are you likely to see a return on the money you invest in a renovation? Designer Will Klassen likes to say that every renovation decision is a design decision.  Many renovation decisions are made without an appreciation for the impact on significant factors that impact value.   Here are a few:  sightlines, traffic flow, outdoor light, connection to the outside, logic of room arrangements, continuity of design elements.  Including consideration of these may not cost you any extra. Ignoring them almost certainly will impact the value of your renovation.   

Here is how this applies to preparing a house for resale.   A major consideration in Niagara is that there are still new homes coming onto the market.  What will it take to insure that your older home has enough sparkle to compete with the new kids on the block?

TLC has a few renovation suggestions to make your home appeal to potential buyers!

Wide Open Spaces

Older homes with small, dark, cramped rooms can feel very dated. Today’s families are drawn to larger, multipurpose common areas in the home. Consider removing walls to create a great room that includes kitchen, dining and lounging spaces. Try to open up sightlines from the entryway into the heart of the home to improve flow and connection.


Add windows where possible for additional light and views. If the home is in a typical neighbourhood, it’s likely based on a standard plan that did not take into account any special views of the lot or gardens. Unlike decorating decisions, beautiful windows appeal to everyone! Find ways to bring more light and tranquil views into the home.  Don’t forget to consider when during the day your new window will be taking direct sunlight.  

Ceiling height

Today’s new builds usually feature a standard 9’ or even 10’ ceiling while 20-year-old homes most often have 8’ ceilings. Take a careful look at the structural options in your home.   If you have a bungalow there is a good chance that you will be able to vault some or all of your living spaces – kitchen, dining, family or entry.  If you are planning an addition, consider the ceiling height.  If you can, make that high or vaulted ceiling visible to low ceiling rooms. It builds anticipation.  

Choose timeless finishes

Make choices that you can live with that will work for both contemporary and traditional design. Hardwood floors, white cabinetry and neutral paint colours appeal to a broad range of buyers.

Boost curb appeal

Remove dated items that giveaway your home’s age. Replace the 1960s bubbled glass sidelights at front door with sleek frosted windows. Trade out tired exterior lighting, house numbers and builder’s grade patio stones with fresh new pieces. Also, think about sprucing up porches and decks to extend your home’s living space to the outdoors.

Statistically Speaking

Did you know that when you put your home on the market, the next owner will likely be younger than you are? Keep them in mind as you plan for the future!

If you would like more information on the revamping a home for resale, take a look at we have done at  You might also enjoy 5 Remodels that Make Good Resale Value Sense and 5 That Don’t on Houzz.