If you listen closely, you’ll hear the word “Artisan” a lot — there are even artisanal pencil sharpening services and artisan ice cubes! But when it comes to your Niagara home, what does it mean to undertake an artisan design? Is it just some fancy word for expensive taste? We think there’s more to it than that. Let’s unlock some of the artisan mystery.

The Keys to an Artisan Home Renovation in Niagara

Natural Beauty

Beauty is found in nature. Whether it is rugged wood or smooth stone, bringing natural products into your home will almost always guarantee an artisan feel. Natural products have a way of grounding a design and giving it a look and feel that is timeless and accessible. Exposed wooden beams for example, are a very hot trend right now, however, if you look back throughout design history, exposed wood is a classic feature found everywhere. There is a reason for that. Natural textures and elements are timeless; a tree may age, but it rarely looses its beauty. When you apply this to your home design, your natural surfaces and elements will age well, adding long-lasting value to your home.

Connection to the Surroundings

Artisan home renovations connect your home to its surroundings. The artisan approach takes the history, culture, environment and community context surrounding your home very seriously. At the Landing Company, we talk a lot about fit and this is one of the foundations to this concept. We’ve all driven by a house that doesn’t really fit with it’s surroundings- a modern angular home among classic century farm houses. To make a home fit, it’s important to keep the context surrounding your home in mind when creating your design. What makes your neighbourhood unique? What era was your community built and how can you compliment it with your renovation? Connecting your renovation to the surrounding neighbourhood will create an artisan approach.

Personal TouchPersonal Touch to Niagara Home Renovations

An artisan home is all about you. If we go back to the example of the exposed wooden beams, this classic feature may be timeless but it may not be you. The artisan approach is not about the latest trends- it’s about finding design elements that reflect the homeowner and highlight their personality, creativity and uniqueness. A designer that takes an artisan approach is more concerned about creating a one-of-a-kind design that reflects the owner, than creating a one-of-a-kind design that will add to their portfolio, (though inadvertently, often it is the homes that reflect the owners that make the best showcase pieces). If your uniqueness remains central in the design process, all the other elements will fall into place.

The artisan approach to home renovations has many, many layers and the three that we covered here is just the tip of the iceberg. If you are drawn to an artisan approach you’ll find yourself thinking about many other elements-  workmanship, layouts, environmental concerns, sight lines, orientation, handmade features, to name a few. Downloading the Artisan Renovation Guide below will give you some more ideas and thoughts to digest as you plan your next renovation project. Take the artisan approach and experience what it feels like to land in a home that fits.